Dr. Francesca Moresco

portrait Dr. Francesca Moresco
Dr. Francesca Moresco. Photo: Jürgen Lösel

Since October 2017 Francesca Moresco is Research Group Leader in cfaed.

She joined the TU Dresden at the end of 2009, after an experience in the semiconductor industry. At the Institute of Materials Science, she leaded until 2017 the Molecular Manipulation and Nanomachines Group, studying electronic and mechanical properties of single molecules at surfaces by scanning tunneling microscopy.

From 1999 to 2006 she was research assistant at the Free University in Berlin, starting there her work on molecular switching and manipulation of single molecules. Her habitation work at the FU Berlin was awarded in 2003 by the Karl-Scheel Prize of the German Physical Society in Berlin.

Francesca Moresco got her PhD in 1998 at the University of Hannover investigating surface plasmons by electron energy loss spectroscopy. She is Italian and studied physics at the University of Genova.

Francesca Moresco participated as PI to several European projects including AtMol (2011-2014) and PAMS (2013-2107), with the common aim to construct the first prototypes of molecular chips.

Between 2017 and 2022 Francesca Moresco coordinated the FET Open European project "Mechanics with Molecules” (MEMO), with the objective of understanding the transmission of motion from molecule to molecule towards the construction of atomic scale mechanical calculators.

Since 2023 Francesca Moresco coordinates the European Pathfinder Open project "Energy Storage in Molecules” (ESiM), with the objective of investigating conformational degrees of freedom of organic molecules on surfaces for energy storage.

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