About the ESiM Project

Energy storage in molecules

  • The European Pathfinder Open project ESiM wants to address the pressing challenges of scalable and clean energy storage starting from the bottom (single molecule-machines).
  • The ESiM strategy makes use of the conformational degrees of freedom of organic molecules, which will be arranged in dense 2D molecular arrays on a surface.
  • ESiM will provide the proof of principle for storing energy in molecules by constructing laboratory microdevices and validating the scientific and technological basis for novel energy storage devices.

The project combines theory and simulation, design and synthesis of molecule-machine, scanning probe microscopy and molecular manipulation, microfabrication, surface science and nanotechnology. The added value of our interdisciplinary approach will enable the development of new nanofabrication methods and molecules for the efficient storage of energy in specific degrees of freedom of organic molecules on a supporting surface, ultimately leading to an environmentally friendly, recyclable way of producing, storing, and using energy.

ESiM is organized in five intercorrelated work packages:

Key Challenges

  • How can we extract energy from a single thermal reservoir and store it in a few degrees of freedom of a single molecule?

  • How can we efficiently store energy coming from an external source in a 2D molecular assembly?

  • Which simple micromechanical devices can we develop to prove energy storage in a 2D molecular layer and its release?