Lectures in Winter Semester 2023/24

Lectures from 09.10.2023 to 20.12.2023 and 04.01.2024 to 03.02.2024


Lecture "Semiconductor Technology I"

  • Lecturer: Prof. Stefan Mannsfeld
  • every Tuesday, 13:00 – 14:30, TU Dresden, Georg-Schumann building, lecture hall A.315
  • and every Thursday, 09:20 - 10:50, TU Dresden, Toepler building, lecture hall 317

Lecture "Organic Field Effect Devices"

This course gives an introduction into the topic of Organic Field Effect Transistors (OFETs), covering the fundamentals of the physics, materials, operation principles and electrical characteristics, as well as device design and fabrication details.

  • Lecturer: Prof. Stefan Mannsfeld
  • online course

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Lecture "Circuit Technology"

Get an introduction to basic circuits, linear time-invariant systems, properties of nonlinear semiconductor devices and examples of organic logic circuits.

  • Lecturer: Prof. Stefan Mannsfeld / Dr. Mike Hambsch
  • every Friday, 9:20 - 10:50, TU Dresden, Von Miese building, seminar room VMB 302

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These lectures contribute to the international Master's program "Organic and Molecular Electronics" at TUD.

Topics for project work and master thesis

  • Optimizing the electrical performance of solution-processed polymer and small molecule semiconductors
  • Novel dopants and doping methods for organic electronic devices
  • Novel organic device types for memory and high-frequency operation
  • Hybrid organic-inorganic material systems for thin film transistors
  • Vapor sensing using thin film transistors
  • Photolithography for electronic circuits
  • Crosslinking of polymers
  • Flexible organic field-effect transistors
  • Electrolyte gated and electrochemical transistors

If you are interested in any of the topics or have your own idea for a project please contact Dr. Mike Hambsch.